Hypospadiology is a full color, hard-cover textbook with 200 pages of surgical algorithms for primary hypospadias repair and reoperations, diagrams, and detailed photographs. A high-definition CD-ROM is included with purchase. Books are on back-order and will be available in 10 days. 

This textbook summarizes the best evidence for preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative assessment and management of hypospadias. It presents modern surgical algorithms for both primary and reoperative repairs, and then describes in detail - with diagrams and color photographs - today's commonly used techniques. Emphasis is given to key technical steps to help surgeons avoid complications. The textbook is designed for both trainees and experienced hypospadias surgeons of all specialties.

Among the unique chapters in this hypospadias textbook are Pitfalls in Distal Repair, Flaps versus Grafts, Adult Outcomes after Childhood Repair, Hypospadias Repair in Adults, and Teaching Hypospadias Surgery. The book concludes with a chapter discussing means for surgeons and specialty organizations to improve hypospadias repair. The colorful history of hypospadiology is woven throughout to give readers a greater understanding of how the subspecialty evolved.  

The authors are internationally recognized experts in hypospadias repair. Proceeds from this textbook will support Operation Happenis, a non-profit devoted to increasing awareness of this common birth condition.

HYPOSPADIOLOGY [hardback textbook] Front Cover, Back Cover, Copyright CD. All proceeds from this book support OPERATION HAPPENIS, a 501c3 non-profit charity.
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